The shift to electric automobility brings many advantages, like lower ownership costs, reduced oil dependence, and exhilarating performance. But while EVs are demonstrably more eco-friendly than gas-powered counterparts, as more drivers switch away from combustion, the issue of battery waste becomes a real concern. Audi has embraced its responsibility to help facilitate a more sustainable future with its growing e-tron EV lineup. And through its recent partnership with Redwood Materials, the automaker is doing its part to further reduce the environmental impact of electric vehicles through their lifecycle.

Audi currently offers one of the largest fully electric vehicle lineups, comprising popular models like the e-tron SUV, e-tron Sportback, and e-tron GT/RS e-tron GT. As parent company Volkswagen Group strives towards its goal of 25 new battery-electric models by 2030, developing a comprehensive recycling strategy is critical.

Redwood Materials will work closely with both automotive dealerships and production facilities to identify batteries nearing the end of the operating life and safely package and ship them to its Nevada facilities. The company claims it's capable of recovering more than 95 percent of raw materials like nickel, cobalt, lithium, copper, graphite, and aluminum. The materials are used to remanufacture critical components that are sent back to battery cell manufacturers.

According to Energy Storage News, Redwood already receives the majority of li-ion batteries collected and recycled in North America—approximately 6-GWh worth, or 60,000 EV battery packs. The company is targeting production of around 100GWh of copper foil and active cathode materials by 2025

"The path to a more sustainable future requires innovative solutions," said Spencer Reeder, Audi of America's director of Government Affairs and Sustainability. "The partnership with Redwood Materials offers a groundbreaking vision for helping to ensure electric vehicles operate not only without tailpipe emissions, but with a renewable purpose."

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